Stop Email Spam with your Web Host

If you are tired of spam emails that are continuously filling up your inbox, then this article will solve your purpose. For any business owner, it is important to check all the important mail on time but if one has to screen through loads of spam mails it is indeed bugging. Many of us have our email ids configured with the current web host. But as a matter of truth, when you set your webhost as an inbound email handler, you get open to the world of unwanted span mails. To avoid this, you need to have a spam blocker in place.

Let’s find out below, what you can do to ensure you don’t waste your time shifting through thousands of emails daily.

What can be done?

If you send the emails to your clients or your business associates from your domain id, it looks way more professional than sending it from or Thus, setting up your email id with the web host, it always a better idea. For instance,, gives a better impression than  But how can you stop the unwanted emails ? For this, first check up with your web host, most of the reliable web hosts provide 3rd party services to block spam’s. These are directly inbuilt on their control panel. If your web host has a customer care, then you may directly ask there or read the features of your host.

How will you know if your Web Host has been partnered with a Spam Blocker?

For example, Web Hosting Hub provides its users both Apache SpamAssassin and McAfee for safeguarding their clients’ domain emails. McAfee comes with limited support but SpamAssassin is a free open source solution. Thus, it is recommended to SpamAssassin before McAfee.

BlueHost is another example of the web host, which offers a premium though paid service for its users to combat the problem of email spams. The name of the service is SpamExperts which can be purchased from the control panel for each domain separately. BlueHost also offers Spam Hammer for protecting the domain emails of its customers. It has been found out that SpamExperts is by far the most powerful and reliable service available.

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Another, example of the web host that provides service for handling the email spams is iPage. The name of the service offered is Premium Spam Filter. Both webmail and control panel have the options to filter the emails. The feature of grey listing is included in this service which recognizes a sender who has sent more than 1 email to the user. This service is reliable to filter out the spam emails which are sent by one-time senders i.e. fake email accounts which are used by spammers. Bluehost is among the best companies which have got such a software and hardware setup which fights spam automatically. So if you are considering to buy a new account and host your website on the best environment then you must try Bluehost web Hosting. You can also use bluehost discount coupon to avail the benefit and get the maximum discount and save good money on yearly and other offers.

What are the free options available to stop spam

Let us discuss the handy free domain spam protecting options:

Apache SpamAssassin – It is open source software so can be easily downloaded by anyone and used according to the terms which are mentioned by the license mentioned with it. You can even modify it according to your needs provided you send back the alterations done to the open source community. If you are not comfortable with open source were, then its installation may be a bit tricky for you. But, many of the web hosts have done this work for you. You only need to install it according to the instructions of the web hosting company. You can also read Andrew’s amazing hosting reviews which are among the top reads on the internet. He has covered every Linux hosting reviews in details which are very beneficial for people.

MXGuardDog –It is another free spam protector for you. Though, you need to add a text link on your website, thus it is“paid for”, in this regard. It will work on any operating system as it is not specifically designed for a platform. You will not be required to make any changes in your email. For using the service, you are only required to register on their website and change the MX records of your domain so that your email is redirected to their servers.

Xeams –It is yet another free tool which is efficient for both commercial and non-commercial use. It is available for the following operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux 32 and 63 bit
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • Mac OSX
  • Solaris

There is no limit to the number of users, domains or emails. If you deice to go for their premium service, then you have to pay else it is absolutely free of cost. For system administrators, the premium service is beneficial. With the help of Xeams online documentation, you can easily install the software. But, if somewhere you get lost in the documentation, remember they have a premium service which they obviously want their users to purchase and use.


These were some of the free services that are available to combat the spams. Apart from these there are various paid services also available. But, if you are a small business owner then these services would work absolutely fine with you.